DKDM Brass


Brass from the renaissance to the present day
"You should be aware that it is a very independent kind of study. You have to spend many hours in a rehearsal room, working alone. But when you succeed, it gives you a wonderful feeling of satisfaction to have achieved this yourself."

"I enjoy the group sessions for trumpet, where you play for the teacher and your fellow students, and demonstrate what you have been working on in the course of the week. You have to dare to put yourself on the line, and you have to be able to take criticism and use it constructively. You might get a little bruised at first, but you soon find that it does no harm."

Andreas Jul Nielsen, trumpet

The orchestral musician programme

As a brass player, you will be part of the orchestral group, and will receive tuition in your instrument and in general subjects. Emphasis is placed on both your artistic and instrumental development, to ensure you are qualified for employment by a professional orchestra or ensemble. As an orchestral musician, you will participate in the Academy's orchestra and ensembles, which perform under the direction of international conductors. You will also receive audition training with a professional jury, which will help to prepare you for your working life as a musician. The didactic subjects will provide a good foundation for teaching at many levels.

Playing in DKDM Brass

As a brass player, you can participate in DKDM Brass, led by Professor Jesper Juul Windahl. The ensemble plays music of all styles and genres, from the Renaissance through the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods, right up to contemporary and modern compositions given their premiere performance by the ensemble.

The brass group co-operates closely with the woodwind group in orchestral studies and other projects.