Inspiration from the Pulsar Festival for new contemporary music and workshops with outstanding ensembles

"At the Academy, I can develop as a composer in a forum with many possibilities. You have plenty of opportunities here to have your work performed, and to create contacts with other composers, singers and instrumentalists. It is a good place for networking."

Pernille Louise Sejlund, composition

Inspiration from several teachers

The principal study tuition is typically divided between two teachers, who organise the teaching in co-operation with you. In the composition tuition, you will be provided with guidance in relation to working with your own compositions.

Specialisation within your area

At Bachelor level, you can choose courses in instrumentation, electro-acoustics, piano and theory.

In the Master's programme, you can choose from among special, modularly-structured subjects such as musical theory, electro-acoustics, instrumentation, music production, etc. The purpose of tuition in these subjects is to allow you to specialise as a composer in the area of your choice, and at the same time to improve your professional skills.

The Academy has specialised teachers and good facilities which will give you the opportunity to work partially or wholly within the area of electro-acoustics in connection with your principal study.

Seminars, workshops and PULSAR

The composition programme includes weekly seminars with the Academy's own teachers and national and international guest teachers.

The Academy's annual PULSAR festival for new contemporary music and workshops with Danish and foreign ensembles help to create an attractive study environment.