Guitar students


Would you like to be part of a creative, artistic and educationally inspiring guitar milieu?

"For me, the best thing about being a student at the Academy is being able to concentrate fully on the music. I am allowed to spend my time doing something that is extremely meaningful to me – something even more important than a study programme or a job."

Jesper Gerdstrøm, guitar

The study programme for guitar

Guitar students are provided with tuition in both guitar and general subjects. Intense and detailed work is performed on the musical, pedagogical and technical aspects. The emphasis during group classes is on performance of the finished work, focusing on aspects of interpretation and stage presentation, with comments from teachers and fellow students. This helps to produce a creative study environment. The guitar ensemble of 8-12 persons collaborates with other instrumentalists and composers. The aim is to achieve performance skills at the highest level. For a modern guitarist, it is important to be able to play under the direction of a conductor, and to acquire experience with orchestral playing.

The guitar group milieu

Concert activities are important for the guitarists. The students take part in project planning, marketing and programming. You will thereby acquire experience in both presenting musical performances and being able to think in creative ways in your later concert career.

Many master classes

The guitar class has a high level of activity, with master classes and 2-3 visits by international guest teachers every year.