The harpists form an exclusive group

”As a harpist you are in demand and it is imperative that you learn how to say ”no”. It is simply necessary, if you want to survive. Even if you want to be part of every thing, there are only 24 hours in a day and it is unfortunately not always enough. The best thing about the study programme at RDAM must be the harp and all the wonderful music you can play on it. When you sometimes get mad at your instrument even so, it is nice to take a break in the coffee room and talk with some of the fantastic people who have chosen to study here.”

Freja Vigdis Søndergaard, harp

The Orchestral Musician Programme

As a harpist, you will be part of the orchestral group, and will receive tuition in your instrument and in general subjects. Emphasis is placed on both your artistic and instrumental development, to ensure you are qualified for employment by a professional orchestra or ensemble. As an orchestral musician, you will participate in the Academy's orchestra and ensembles, which perform under the direction of international conductors. You will also receive audition training with a professional jury, which will help to prepare you for your professional life as a musician. The didactics subjects will provide a good foundation for teaching at many levels.

Exclusive Study Environment

The Academy does not accept many harpists every year, but the students form an exclusive group which participates actively in the life of the orchestral group. There are special rooms for teaching and practising the harp.