Music teaching

Qualify for teaching music in Danish on the highest pedagogical level

”The music teaching programme gives you a broad knowledge of music. It is learning at a high level and you build up a hardcore and very solid base. There are many challenges and from the first day you have to stand in front of pupils and teach.”

Kathrin Thelén, music teaching

The music teaching programme aims to train highly qualified music teachers with a wide range of professional skills. The programme consists of a compact 3-year bachelor’s programme where students apart from lessons in their main instrument receive a solid education in a range of main subjects: choir conducting, rhythmic and classical ensemble conducting and elementary music teaching for children. In addition, you will receive lessons in a number of general subjects: piano, singing, aural training, theory and arrangement, music history, etc.


At the 2-year master's programme students choose to specialize in either two or three main subjects. In addition to the main subjects choir conducting, ensemble conducting and elementary music teaching you can also have instrumental /singing pedagogy or choir and ear training pedagogy as your main subject. To study music teaching is a demanding full-time study . It is not enough to be prolific in only one profession or an instrument. It is required that you become versatile and excel in a whole range of subjects and are able to take musical leadership in a variety of music education contexts. A music teacher’s primary labor market is the music school. But due to the wide range of music professional skills many music teachers are also to be found on primary schools, colleges , etc.


Want to know more about the music teacher programme at the Royal Danish Academy of Music? Please feel free to contact head of studies Jonas Bille : jonas.bille@dkdm.dkor department head Per Bundgård : per.bundgaard@dkdm.dk

Please note that due to fact that the programme requires you to teach Danish children this education requires fluent Danish language skills.