Conductor student

Orchestra Conducting

Intensive practical programme focusing on artistic interpretation and technical implementation

”I am extremely pleased with the lessons we have with the professor. We are often together 7 hours at a time and I am completely drained after each session – but in the good sense! At the same time the practical functions with the RDAM ensembles, as well as with the regional orchestras give us a lot of ballast for our professional life. 

Because of the amount of work in the conductors’ class and the high demands, I have learnt to structure my time, so that I have the smallest amount of wasted time as possible and am always top tuned for my classes.”

Frederik Støvring Olsen, conducting

Content of the programme

As an orchestra conductor, your principal study will be in conducting. As a student in the three or four-year orchestra conductor programme, you will specialise in the many possibilities of the symphony orchestra. To support your conducting, you will receive tuition in the analysis of form and structure, instrumentation, aural studies and coaching with répétiteur.

Practical experience is important

Practical ensemble experience will form an important part of your education. Here you will be able to work intensively to perfect your conducting technique, and you will be coached in artistic interpretation and implementation. Students of orchestra conducting will make the acquaintance of professionally-relevant ensembles. The Academy has good co-operation agreements with Copenhagen ensembles and the Danish regional orchestras.

Resource-intensive orchestra conductor programme

The orchestral conductor programme is one of the most resource-intensive programmes at the Academy, providing practical training with both the Academy's orchestra and the Danish regional orchestras. Accordingly, great demands are placed on your initial qualifications and your commitment to the programme, the tuition of which is very flexibly organised.