Continuous challenges in a renowned percussion milieu

”The percussion programme at RDAM is very large and the main part of the students comes from abroad. Despite various language barriers and a rather large change in the classes because of exchange programmes, we have a really good feeling of unity. It is great to get to know people from the whole world. First and foremost socially, but it is also very inspiring professionally. Every country has its own traditions and ways of playing percussion, so it is just a matter of absorbing!”

Lars Vestergaard Larsen, percussion

The orchestral musician programme

As a percussionist, you will be part of the orchestral group, and will receive tuition in your instrument and in general subjects. Emphasis is placed on both your artistic and instrumental development, to ensure you are qualified for employment by a professional orchestra or ensemble. As an orchestral musician, you will participate in the Academy's orchestra and ensembles, which perform under the direction of international conductors. You will also receive audition training with a professional jury, which will help to prepare you for your working life as a musician. The didactic subjects will provide a good foundation for teaching at many levels.

Profession-oriented tuition

The tuition provided is highly profession-oriented. As a percussionist you will constantly meet new challenges, while at the same time obtaining maximum opportunity for artistic expression in realistic settings: professionally-organised concerts and multi-projects.

World class percussion

Gert Mortensen, professor of percussion, is the leader of the renowned percussion ensemble Percurama. The number of musicians in Percurama varies according to the music performed. The ensemble has toured many countries, and has worked with Per Nørgaard and Áskell Másson.