Devote yourself 100% in playing the piano

"To me RDAM means nice surroundings to develop in as I find great motivation in the environment and among my fellow students. I enjoy meeting so many colourful personalities both among teachers and students and together with them practise music across the boundaries of languages, cultures and traditions.
You must love the process. It is necessary to devote yourself and identify yourself with your work with the music, even if at times it is a challenge to keep your focus. You spend many hours in the practice room with yourself and your instrument and it is important that you during this special work form can be alone without being lonely."

Cæcilie Grønkjær Tagmose


As a pianist you will receive tuition in your principal study, repetition, chamber music and accompaniment. You will also receive job orientated tuition that will develop your skills in piano ensembles, sight reading, transposition and figuration.

Interdisciplinarity is an important part of chamber music. In the chamber music programme you will be able to develop as an accompanist, soloist and musician in smaller ensembles. You will have the opportunity to play with both students and teachers from other departments. You will also be able to increase your repertory within opera and voice together with the voice students.

The Master's Programme in Repetiteurship (piano)

The Master’s Programme in Repetiteurship (Piano) is for pianists who wish to specialise in working with opera and acquire the specialised skills associated with this.
As a student on the Master’s Programme in Repetiteurship, you will receive instruction in coaching, recitative, piano, direction, song, language and diction, in collaboration with the Royal Opera Academy and the Royal Theatre.
The teaching is provided by the staff of the Academy and by répétiteurs associated with the Royal Danish Opera and the Royal Opera Academy.
All students in the Master’s Programme in Repetiteurship are assigned a mentor, who will help to organise the individual’s course of study on the basis of the student’s skills and abilities.
The programme is organised in such a way as to allow you, as far as possible, to attend instruction at RDAM and the Royal Opera Academy in the subjects Vocal Theory, Italian, Coaching, Principal Study Voice and History of the Opera.

Collaboration with the Royal Theatre

As a student on the Master’s Programme in Repetiteurship you will be able to attend rehearsals, etc., at the Royal Danish Opera, and you will have an opportunity to work with students and teachers from the Academy’s vocal department, including the Royal Opera Academy.

The scope and nature of the opportunities for internship will depend on the individual’s skills and abilities, development and practical considerations.

Possibilities for further specialisation
The two-year programme is a complete Master’s degree.
However, the programme also aims to prepare you for further studies, either in the Academy’s soloist class (Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Music) in chamber music/accompaniment, or within the Young Artist Programme as Opera Répétiteur, which is currently under preparation by the Royal Danish Opera and is planned to commence in September 2021.
Separate auditions will be held for these programmes.

Special Soloist Programme

The piano students have the possibility of taking a special soloist programme within repetition, accompaniment and chamber music. During the two year programme you will specialise in two of the subjects.