For the past several years, graduates from the string group have been placed well in Danish orchestral competitions

"I like being a student here. It is a large academy, and there is plenty of life. There is always someone to talk to in the breaks, and there is a good atmosphere in my year. We can exchange experience and learn from each other, and even though we are competitors in a way, we are also pleased to see each other do well."

Mads Haugsted Hansen, violin

The orchestral musician programme

As a string player, you will be part of the orchestral group, and will receive tuition in your instrument and in general subjects. Emphasis is placed on both your artistic and instrumental development, to ensure you are qualified for employment by a professional orchestra or ensemble. As an orchestral musician, you will participate in the Academy's orchestra and ensembles, which perform under the direction of international conductors. You will also receive audition training with a professional jury, which will help to prepare you for your working life as a musician. The didactic subjects will provide a good foundation for teaching at many levels.

All the inspiration you can absorb

There are weekly group lessons for each instrument, at which you can meet your fellow students and obtain new inspiration. Master classes with internationally-renowned guest professors will also enhance your artistic level.

Good prospects for graduates

Over the past ten years, the Academy has prioritised the development of students' skills in orchestral playing and chamber music. As a result, graduates from the strings group often win Danish orchestral auditions, and young chamber music ensembles from the Academy do very well in international competitions.