Well-equipped studios and plenty of mobile equipment give you good facilities to work with in the course of your studies

”As student of the tonmeister programme at RDAM I build up a large musical knowledge of repertoires within all genres, mainly classical of course. I also learn about the psychology behind the recordings and about how to get the musicians to do their best. You get to know people very well. I enjoy that there is no competition among the tonmeister students. Everybody helps each other and shares experiences and tips.”

Mads Creutzburg, tonmeister

Qualifications in both contemporary and classical music

As a student of recording direction, you will obtain qualifications in music, production and sound technique within the genres of both rhythmic contemporary and classical music. You can specialise by genre or sector, or focus on the role of producer or sound technician.

The principal study is in music production and recording techniques. Tuition is also provided in aural studies, basic piano, music theory, history of music and much more. In addition to semester projects, set productions and optional subjects, you can participate in study trips, master classes, music evenings, company visits, listening tests, etc.

Close co-operation with Danish Radio

Your principal study tuition will be organised in close collaboration with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), and will often take the form of courses, with part of the training taking place in the DR studios. The large studio at the Academy (formerly DR's studio 3) is now central to the recording director study programme. Some of the tuition will take place in the evenings.

Lots of productions

You will assist in a large number of studio recordings, thereby acquiring experience as technician/producer, and applying your theoretical knowledge in practice. Each production is carried out at the highest level, by way of major self-elected semester projects, in which individually-selected specialists will be your personal tutors. Projects might include a CD production, sound design for film, or PA sound for special performances. Well-equipped studios and plenty of mobile equipment will provide you with good facilities to work with in the course of your studies.