Woodwind players value healthy competition and good companioship

"I am able to make great use of my fellow students as sparring partners. Although we are friends, we are also competitors, and I can use this constructively to motivate me to do my very best."

Nanna Helweg-Larsen, clarinet

"There is a good atmosphere among the clarinet students, and we are prepared to work hard. We receive tuition at an advanced level from some of the best teachers in Europe."

Kristian Flagstad, clarinet

The orchestral musician programme

As a woodwind player, you will be part of the orchestral group, and will receive tuition in your instrument and in general subjects. Emphasis is placed on both your artistic and instrumental development, to ensure you are qualified for employment by a professional orchestra or ensemble. As an orchestral musician, you will participate in the Academy's orchestra and ensembles, which perform under the direction of international conductors. You will also receive audition training with a professional jury, which will help to prepare you for your working life as a musician. The didactic subjects will provide a good foundation for teaching at many levels.

The woodwind group milieu

The woodwind group has the declared aim of providing the best woodwind education in Europe. Under the leadership of Professor Max Artved, the programme gives students the best possibilities for development, both as wind players and, not least, as independently-minded artists. The co-operative teaching staff, made up of active musicians, helps to reinforce this development.

Woodwind players value healthy competition and good companionship. There are weekly group lessons and interdisciplinary training sessions. The woodwind group also co-operates closely with the brass group in orchestral studies and other projects.

Ensemble playing at the highest level

RosenørnsEnsemblet plays chamber music of the highest quality at high-profile concerts throughout the study year. The ensemble complement is made up of the best students, and is compiled from semester to semester.