RDAM students


The academy has a long tradition of ensemble playing

One thing is the personal development of each student as a soloist, another is the contact and ensemble playing with others. RDAM offers great opportunities to play chamber music as well as playing in different ensembles of various sizes and tonal formations from early music to contemporary compositional music.

Taking part in the orchestras and ensembles of the Academy is an important part of the tuition, giving the students many good experiences and also prepares them for the future work as professional singer and musician. A large part of a performer’s life today is the ability to be flexible and project orientated in their work with many types of ensembles and with many different kinds of people. These skills will be strengthened in connection with the many activities of ensemble playing that the student will try during the study programme. The increased concert activities are to a large extent based on these many ensemble initiatives – partly organized and partly of a more spontaneous character.