RDAM Brass

Brass band

RDAM-Brass is The Academy's brass ensemble

The brass ensemble of the Academy RDAM Brass is part of the tuition for students with brass instruments and percussion as their principal study and consists of 12 brass instrumentalists and 2 percussionists. Professor Jesper Juul Windahl is the daily leader of the ensemble and it is occasionally also conducted by music leader and conductor students.


The ensemble has a high activity level and plays a series of concerts from church concerts to school concerts every year. This is also reflected in the repertory and cover renaissance music from the king’s court of Chr. IV to first performances of new compositional music to popular music.


Several of the members of the ensemble get the possibility of performing as a soloist with RDAM Brass, and it is also possible for the students to conduct the ensemble and perform as master of ceremonies. The students who write arrangements for brass instrumentalists also have the possibility of having these performed by their fellow students.


RDAM Brass has toured in Denmark, Scotland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Hungary and the Netherlands.