RDAM Symphony Orchestra

Symphony orchestra

The Academy holds 5-6 orchestra productions a year

The RDAM Symphony Orchestra is the largest ensemble of the Academy and is a central part in the study programme of the orchestra musicians. The concerts and the orchestral projects are at the same time an important window on the Danish music world.


The RDAM holds 5-6 orchestra productions a year, in which the students with orchestra instruments get an opportunity to try out the large symphonies and soloist concerts of the music literature. Rehearsals are arranged as group rehearsals in the individual instrument groups and tutti rehearsals with the whole orchestra and a public concert is of course given at the end.


The orchestra concerts are conducted by a series of top conductors from home and abroad, and not least conductors with relation to the music world of the region in their capacity of chief conductor or conductor.

Cooperation with Copenhagen Philharmonic

The students meet the large extensive repertory in cooperation with professional musicians in the hands of renowned internationally recruited guest conductors and the chief conductor Toshiyuki Kamioka through 1-2 co-productions a year.