RDAM entrance


The Royal Danish Academy of Music strives to offer good accessibility, but is subject to certain limitations due to special preservation and architectural conditions

The Royal Danish Academy of Music is situated on the corner of Rosenørns Allé and Julius Thomsens Gade in Frederiksberg. See RDAM’s location on the Krak map.

The Academy Concert Hall
The entrance to the Concert Hall is from Julius Thomsens Gade 1. For concerts and events we can provide access for disabled people with a companion to the audience rows (i.e. on the parterre level). If you wish to use the Balcony or the First Floor, you will need a companion to help you get up the staircase. There is a toilet for the disabled in the front building (on the ground floor).

The Concert Hall is a protected building and part of the Danish cultural history. This means that we must all take care of it. When you check in your outerwear and hand bag, or back pack, to the cloakroom, you are helping to maintain, and protect, our beautiful hall. At the same time, you are helping to uphold the safety of you and your fellow concertgoers.

The seats in the concert hall are very vulnerable to liquids in particular. Therefore, it is not possible to consume food and beverages in the hall

RDAM's other concert halls
Studiescenen (Studio Stage), Ny Sal (New Hall), Havesalen (Garden Hall), Orgelsalen (Organ Hall) and Studiefoyeren (Studio Foyer) have their entrance from Rosenørns Allé 22.
There is a wheelchair lift for Ny Sal, but as the building is listed, there are unfortunately no lifts available for the other halls (Studiescenen, Havesalen, Orgelsalen, Slagtøjssalen, etc.). There are stairs and smaller sets of steps that must be forced, for which reason we recommend that you bring a companion/assistant with you if you wish to attend these concerts and events.

Transport and parking facilities
The Academy is located directly opposite the Forum metro station.
Buses 2A, 68 and 250S stop on Rosenørns Allé, and the 3A stops on H.C. Ørstedsvej.

There are several options for parking in the area, which forms part of both the Frederiksberg and City of Copenhagen municipal parking zones. Details of the parking regulations and maps of the zones are available at www.frederiksberg.dk and www.parkering.dk.

There is a disabled parking space to the right of the entrance to the Academy’s Concert Hall on Julius Thomsen Gade, and in the plaza closest to Rosenørns Allé.

It is unfortunately not possible to borrow a wheelchair.

For further information, please contact RDAM:
Tel: +45 7226 7226 or dkdm@dkdm.dk