RDAM Symphony Orchestra

Orchestra concerts

The academy holds 5-6 large productions every year

The Academy holds 3-4 large productions of their own every year with RDAM’s Symphony Orchestra and 1-2 concerts in cooperation with Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra.

The large symphony concerts are held in the Concert Hall of the Academy except one orchestra concert in June, marking the end of the academic year. This concert is held in the Concert Hall of Tivoli, and a cooperation project with the Opera Academy is held in January at The Royal Theatre.

The Orchestra Concerts are conducted by a series of top conductors mostly with relation to the music world of the region in their capacity as chief conductors or music managers.

Several orchestra concerts are incorporated in the festivals arranged by RDAM and the soloists are normally recruited from the Academy’s own soloist students.

It is compulsory for students in orchestra instrumentation to take part in the orchestra projects.

Students from the Academy also take part in several international youth orchestras, such as Baltic Youth Orchestra, Orkester Norden, European Union Youth Orchestra and Gustav Mahler Jugend Orchester. The Academy is occasionally host for guest concerts with these orchestras.