Festival for contemporary music

The Academy's annual festival takes place in the spring. In 2014 the festival will be running March 6 - 12.
The programme consists of the Academy's young composer students and guest composers from abroad. 

The Composer Festival

New music speaks many languages and has numerous individual voices. The Academy counts no less than ten nationalities among its composers. This is reflected in a PULSAR Festival 2014 more colourful than ever. The young composers' manifold expressions are complemented with powerful works of Raphaël Cendo (Fr), English sense of style from Thomas Adès (Eng) together with Nordic intensity in this year's guest composer Maja Ratkje (No).

Guest Composer Maja Ratkje (No)

Norwegian composer Maja Ratkje has made a marked international career as both composer and performer.  PULSAR 2014 presents Ratkje as composer within her wide field of instrumental music as well as electrophony (6th March at 19:30 and 21:30, 7th March at 21:30)

Double Debut Rofelt/de Murashkin

The composers Kasper Rofelt and Bejamin de Murashkin have chosen to make their debut side by side at two double composer debuts. The two composers write completely different music for completely different ensembles. A guarantee for two varied and contrasted debut afternoons with no less than eight first performances (8th March at 15:00 and 9th March at 15:00)

Voice Works in Focus

PULSAR 2014 presents two of the absolute classics of modern voice music : Alberto Ginastera's Cantata para America Magica (1960) and Luciano Berio's Folk Songs (1964). Both use folk music as their starting point. But where Ginastera presents pre-Columbian folk poetry for soprano and percussion ensemble with a Stravinsky-like wildness, Berio gives a clarified and modern portrait of folk music from the whole world, elegantly arranged for voice and small ensemble (7th March at 19:30 and 10th March at 19:30).

Guest Ensemble Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen

Founded in 1990 Athelas Sinfonietta is one of the leading Danish ensembles within new composition music and performs at concerts, operas, festivals and international tours.  In the autumn of 2013 Athelas launched "Brand New Tuesdays" - a series of 12 concerts, where young Danish and international composers' music was played in untraditional locations and in close dialogue with the audience. Athelas has played approx. 600 different works. Here the ensemble plays three young composers in the company of Maja Ratkje and Raphaël Cendo (Opening concert on 6th March at 19:30) 

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