International festival of contemporary music
The Academy's annual festival takes place in the spring. In 2015 the festival will be running March 5 - 11.
The programme consists of the Academy's young composer students and guest composers from abroad.

Please download the PULSAR 2015 programme.


The new music has many sounds. Each work seeks its own individual sound quality. Our music tradition is among many other things a tradition for search and renewal. New sounds are extracted from the traditional sound bodies of the string quartets or the Sinfonietta ensemble side by side with the exploration of the unheard instrumental combinations. The young composers at RDAM have their ears in both sound tracks.PULSAR 2015 invites you to among other things meetings of sound between European and traditional Chinese instruments, interaction between present and renaissance instruments and a visit into the sound micro universes. As well as visiting and revisiting the traditionally established instrumental sound room.

Guest Composer Klaus Huber (CH)

With delayed greetings on the occasion of his 90th birthday in November 2014 one of the veterans of the avant-garde, the Swiss composer Klaus Huber is celebrated at this year's festival. Despite his central role in European music life his music has seldom reached the Danish concert halls.  PULSAR 2015 offers an insight into his works from later years.After studies in violin and composition at the Conservatoire of Zürich Klaus Huber had his international breakthrough in 1959 with the performance of the work Des Engels Anredung an die Seele [The Angel's Appeal to the Soul] at the ISCM festival in Rome. The work created a stir by its, after that time's aesthetic orientation, unusual use of consonant intervals within a strictly serial context.

More essential prints in his music production was started with this early work. The interest in undogmatic meetings between present composition principles - apart from serial contexts also instrumental technical new gains and micro tonality - and inspiration from the middle ages and renaissance as well as from other cultures not least the Islamic. Already here a continuous interest for the spiritual dimension rooted in a religious, Christian philosophy of life can be detected.

Despite the fact that Klaus Huber's music in its essence is deeply personal, mystic and introspective it is never private. It insists on the meeting with the world, as it presently manifests itself and inspires us in the communication with the audience to both immersion and social consideration.

Through most of his life Klaus Huber dedicated a substantial part of his time to pedagogical work alongside his international composer career. During the years 1964 - 73 he was head of the composer department at the Conservatoire in Basle and from 1973 - 1990 he built and developed the composer teaching programme in Freiburg to become a power centre in European contemporary music where a number of central composer personalities, including Bryan Ferneyhough and Wolfgang Rihm, have benefitted from his inspiring teaching.

PULSAR for and with Children
“Can children stand new music?” someone asked 25 years ago. That question was answered long ago. For yes of course they can. Come and listen to Children's PULSAR 2015. Children both play, compose and build their own instruments. At the concert the fantasy and creativity will be let loose by children of all ages under the direction of composer and music pedagogue Kirsten Juul Seidenfaden, composer and music pedagogue Peter Bruun and composer Jeppe Just, who teaches composition at RDAM.

Scenatet Ensemble for Art & Music (DK)
Founded in 2008 by the ensemble's artistic manager Berit Asp Christensen, Scenatet moves in an inter-artistic field from concert installations, performances, music dramatic productions and happenings to fields of still undefined genres.

The ensemble often works in close contact with the young Danish composer generation, musicians and composers from the international avant-garde scene.

The meeting of the audience with the experimenting music in the form of a unique concert arrangement has been staged in a back alley, shopping centres and private homes that are among the venues, Scenatet has used for its special designed concerts. In the present concert calendar of the ensemble you find guest performances by MaerzMusik in Berlin, Borealis Festival in Bergen as well as Roulette in Brooklyn, New York.

Ensemble Alternance (F)
Ensemble Alternance was founded in 1983. The ensemble works with different chamber music members and its vision is to develop, integrate and adapt the clashes between times as well as between cultural and sound expressions that are found in the new music's wide spectrum and in its meeting with the past.

The founder artistic manager of the ensemble, the flutist Jean Luc Mener, has a close connection to Klaus Huber's music and has through the years given first performances of Huber's soloist and chamber music works. The artistic and aesthetic ambition of the ensemble is in line with Klaus Huber's aesthetic.  In 2014 the ensemble had in celebration of Huber, apart from flute included the instruments harp, viola d'amore and theorbo. Four composers from RDAM have composed for Ensemble Alternance in that instrument constellation.

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