Festival of contemporary music - RDAM 8th - 16th March 2017


Where is new music and art headed? The destination might be unknown, but the journey continues. PULSAR 2017 will send the newest signals from young composers and artists from the music academy and school of visual arts out into space...

But even if the destination is uncertain, the origins should be clear. Therefore, this year, the 150th anniversary of RDAM, PULSAR will not only be focussing on new music, but also on music by composers who have influenced contemporary Danish music across the last few generations through their association with The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

PULSAR 2017 will once again be collaborating with the Schools of Visual Arts of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, focussing on cross-disciplinary artistic expression, installation and performance art.

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra will present premieres by three young composers, Bára Gísladóttir, Mads Emil Dreyer, and Jeppe Ernst, as well as Ib Nørholm’s 13th symphony, Contrappunto con amore.

Copenhagen is also calling London and Barcelona in the music and dance performance Longing for the impossible for the moment it is real, where advanced communications technology will be used to send sound and images across the continent in real time.

This year’s guest ensemble, MTQ, has invited composers Anna Nikolova, Lasse Winterbottom, and James Black to the dance: a tango, or…? The master of the genre, Astor Piazolla, will also be represented.

The Icelandic composer, Anna Thorvaldsdóttir, who is currently taking the international new music scene by storm, will be casting an aurora over the festival.

Welcome to PULSAR 2017.

Please download the PULSAR 2017 programme